Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Book reading Experience ‘THE SELL’

It took me a lot of time to read this book, because at times, I had to stop reading so that, things can sink in. Also, I read it with special attention and care because this was one of the highly recommended books by my virtual mentor Alex Ikonn. What caught my attention the most was the title of the book, it is (as you can see in the photograph below) ‘the secret to sell anything to anyone’ I had mentioned this book in my January Favorites. And I wrote that I shall write a review for this book. So, here it is!

Before starting to write about this book I would like to start with introduction to the author of the book (or I want to tell you such an achiever he is!). Fredrik Eklund is someone who moved to New York from Sweden with a dream of being number One in New York City (And he is!), he is star of ‘million dollar listing New York’ (provide the link), Someone who got married on a reality show, has 582k followers on Instagram, his client list includes Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo da corpio, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Craig, John Legend and many more! (You should read the book to know more :D)

Check out Fredrik’s interview HERE

Okay, so now you know that he is a star, let’s see what has shared in his book. The whole book is divided into three parts.

First part of the book helps you to look into yourself and put some efforts to work on yourself. The author also shares his secrets to how he gets things done (and is effective!). This part of the book also confirms that nothing comes easy (sounds cliché but is very true). It takes hell of efforts to look everything picture perfect in someone’s life, but really it takes a lot of discipline and probably blood and sweat to build a rock star out of you. 

In the second part of the book, the author talks about how one can use their social media to reach out more and more people to make The Sell! He discusses each social media platform separately with their pros and cons and explains how you can use the pros to get the best results! The whole chapter gives an idea about how you can gain fame on social media by knowing what audience loves to see and what sells on it. He also provides statistics on number of likes and comments on each of the social media platforms.

In the third part of the book, he discusses how to negotiate to get what you want. When you are about to make a sell, he highly recommends to research on clients psychology. It will not only help you to deal with your client but also with your life partner, family member, colleagues, boss, even  your pet… just name it! 

Fredrik also stresses a lot on importance of presentation. He tells about how to work on your clothes, body and mind to present yourself to the whole world, so that your half of the work will be done with your first impression solely. To give us an idea about how much you need to work on yourself to build that solid first impression, he has generously shared his day’s schedule. 

In the end of the book you will probably start to have a feeling that everything has worked out for Fredrik till now, but he has not forgotten to mention his failures and his long struggle times towards his dreams. But in between these struggle times it seems that he never gave up, some of his goals even took up to four years to accomplish. He even got rejected for things, but he didn’t stop trying; neither that was the only thing he did for those four years. He kept doing those things side by side.

I don’t want to give away too much! So let’s get down to my favorite things in the book
Fredrik has fearlessly share his most embarrassing moments (If I have had those moments in my life; I would have never ever… ever dared to  share them with anyone!) this just confirms that everybody has embarrassing moments in their life including some great people, and it is okay to be gone through such times!

He has shared his favorite pictures from his gallery. The pictures includes his dogs, his wedding day, his childhood memories and the times he achieved various milestones and looking at those pictures gives you the feel of being one of the close people to Fredrik. 

One workout routine – The Dirty Dozen (is my most favorite). He explains every single exercise in this routine. I really appreciate the efforts he has taken to write down how to do jumping jacks, push ups and even chair dips correctly!  

The author makes you interact with him on his social media by asking the reader to post something related to the book to notify the results by tagging or by using the ‘hashtags’. That’s like a free advertisement of his bestseller forever!

He teaches you to look into yourself; and that could be for various reasons it may be to get some creative idea, it may be to find  your life’s calling or even to understand how the whole world looks at things and certain events; yes, to know all this, you must look into yourself first!! And why so?? Fredrik will answer to this in the book, for sure!

If you are someone who deals with lot of people daily, this is literally bible for you! And even if you don’t have to deal with lot of people as a part of your job, don’t you think you still have a lot of people to deal with in your life?
Yes!! The Sell is for everyone! Even if you are not a sells person by profession, we all are always selling something; we are selling even ourselves daily! We are constantly selling our thoughts and opinions too! And that’s why I think everyone must read ‘The Sell’!!!  

So go ahead buy the book HERE

Read it and let me know what you think, in the comment section below! Share it with someone you love and care, because sharing is caring!

Much Love!

Chitra Takle :D

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