Thursday, 5 May 2016

Favourites of the month: April 2016

Holla People! Okay, so I am clearly skipping a month in between and I am posting my favourites of the month: April 2016! I decided to post my monthly favourites since January 2016. Monthly favourites are those small things I get to know throughout the month and I love to share with all of my friends!! There are Favourite food, music, books, videos, songs, quotes, websites and even people!  Hope you enjoy and get benefited. :)
So without ranting much! Let’s get started!

Favourite Song
This song is my favourite not just for this month but probably for rest of my life because it inspires to travel! So listen and get inspired!

Favourite book

I came across this book from one of my favourite YouTuber and I can tell you, if you are a beginner, it is ideal book for DSLR photography. It has no technical jargons and no complex calculations, just easy steps to get started and get better. The fun part is there are lot of photographs used as examples! Well, you might need to go through the book two to three times to get used to a particular type of picture, but it is worth! Also, it is a kind of book that you can literally open any random page and start reading and it will still take you through the correct steps to a great photograph.
If you live in India, you can buy the book HERE.
If you live somewhere else, you can buy it  HERE.

Favourite Summer Essential: 

Yess! Its hella hot in Mumbai right now! And one essential thing when you get out in the sun is a good sunblock. Blossom Kochhar’s AROMA MAGIC sunscreen lotion had to make it in my monthly favourites! Not just that I find it effective, it is also non-greasy and is 100% free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrance. Also, something important!! They do not test on animals! So if you are looking for a cruelty free sunscreen, HERE it is!

Favourite Quote

I love this quote, the moment I read it, it just snaps me out of whatever blunder going in my brain and reminds me, “hey! Make every day count, every day makes your life, don’t worry be happy!”. So, I am sharing it with you guys in case you haven’t come across it yet!

Favourite Photography Genre


I had seen flat lays being used by so many bloggers! And you will see them almost everywhere on instagram. Flat lays help you tell a story, that’s the exact reason why they are loved by many bloggers and even famous brands!

 Let me link some amazing flat lays HERE
Also I am posting some of my flatlays down below!

  So!! that's it for this month! I hope you will get benefited from this post. Let me know if you find these things nice! Share the information with someone you care about, because sharing is caring! till then Chao!!

Lots of Love!
Chitra Takle XOXO

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