Sunday, 17 January 2016

Beat those Blues!

Hi there!!!
I Hope the day is treating you well and if not … You are on the right page!! It could be totally anything that is making you feel low right now. It could be a person who didn’t act/behave according to your expectation, it could be situations at work, it could be a bad news you heard about someone or it could be your Social media account that’s leaving you feel that your life is tasteless. 

Yes, social media is one of the reasons why people end up feeling low. You see whole world getting engaged and married on Facebook, Some of your friends having European vacations, some people going to fancy restaurants, Some people completing their degrees, some people having gala time with their friends and family, Some people getting a photo-shoot done and looking Fab as always and then you look into your life and you literally feel miserable about not doing any of these. But let me tell you something beautiful (but sad) people…

So when you are feeling low and its leaving you feel restless for any of the above stated reasons, or let’s say you are feeling unhappy for absolutely ‘NO’ reason (yes it happens I know), Here are few things you should try. (Trust me it, has been tried and tested on me and on my friends who asked me what to do in such situations). Thank me later! (wink).

Many people suggest talking to a friend or to a loved one, but not everyone is in a situation to leave their own jobs, stop what they are doing and sit with you. Sometimes when we find that no one has time to cheer us, our feelings just go from blue to DARK Blue. In such situations it is not a good idea to depend on others for our happiness. Expectations creep in when you call that special person. And expectation is the root of sorrow, said by the great Mahavir. So take responsibility of your happiness and kick that bad mood! Here’s how:

 1. Listen to music

This is something known to everyone that, listening to music lifts our mood. It is scientifically proven! But you know what?? Sometimes we forget this remedy. Music is a therapy! It is Spa for your soul. So this one is just a reminder that ‘hey! I have an easy fix for my bad mood!’

P.S: Please stay away from sad music, we want to get out of shit; not fall deeper into it.

And here is my recommendation:

2.  Go for a walk

Seriously this one is fun to do! Wear those trainers, put on fresh cloths and just GET OUT OF the HOUSE! No matter what kind of weather it is outside… too hot, too cold, too windy, too gloomy, too rainy.. Just go out! Walk down the streets, breath in the fresh air, observe how your body feels when you are walking. It Increases supply of oxygen to your body and makes you feel fresh! Taking a brisk walk is highly recommended. So, get up and get ready to throw that bad mood out of your brain!

3.  Clean your surroundings

Sometimes messy and unclean surroundings push you even deeper in bad mood. Fold those washed clothes, Do your laundry, mop the floor, clean the bathroom, organise your work desk or cupboard, Put a fresh bed sheet, light scented candles or spray the air freshener, open the curtains let the sunshine come in. Not just the surrounding but also clean yourself, take a shower, dress well, look in the mirror and smile. And by this time you will forget that you were feeling sad. Who was sad? Who me?? Huh, never! Look at me, ‘There is sunshine in my soul today!’

4. Write down

Take a pen and paper; write down what’s bothering you. Just write down whatever your inner voice is saying. Writing down what your mind says slows the speed of your racing mind. It helps your brain to calm down and think more logically and practically. Keep writing till your mind gets cleaned up or till you are tired enough to fall asleep. Writing will bring more clarity in your thoughts and when you will read that page after two days, I bet you will laugh at it.

5. Meditate

Meditation in such situations is hard but the most effective tool. If you don’t know how to meditate, you can simply download the app called ‘headspace’, plug the earphones in and you are good to go. Effective meditation requires practice. If you meditate daily, meditation will help you fix your mood in first attempt but if you are a beginner it might take a bit more effort. That’s why ‘headspace’ is the best app. It is a guided meditation app that helps you through the 10 minutes of mediation. If you want to know more about this app, it is in my previous post.

6. Count your blessings

Instead of thinking what you don’t have, start stressing more on what you do have. Appreciate little things; many people in the world are struggling for their food, house, cloths, their right for education and a lot more! Watch malala’s videos on YouTube, watch ‘pursuit of happiness’, go to ‘Humans of New york’ page and read their stories and you will feel that you are the luckiest person in the world and you have got almost everything in life. You will realize that your life is much sorted.

Also try to write down minimum three things that you are grateful for and you will see that shift in your attitude towards life.

To watch malala’s video:

To visit Humans of New York page:

7. Work on it

If there is something that’s bothering you, you need to have an action plan to change that thing. You need to work on your happiness, because no one else is going to do it for you. Is there a problem? Think how you are going to sort it out. Write down steps towards your happiness, stick it somewhere you will get to go through it every day. May be, you want to set that as your mobile home screen. 

8. Ask questions to yourself

Talk to yourself; ask questions to yourself, “is it necessary to be sad over this issue? Is it going to solve the problem by ruining your day like this? Is this actually that bad? Aren't we born to be happy?” You know you cannot lie to yourself. This is will make you rethink over the issue.

9. Take up a Hobby

Sounds a little too much! But there is no good day to decide to take a hobby on a sad day. If you need a tutor for your chosen hobby, start finding the tutors on internet, search what tools you will require, where you can buy those, visualize you getting better at it, check out people’s work who have the similar hobby. This will bring a lot of excitement and those dark clouds on your head will disappear!!! 

Also, this hobby will help you throughout your life to cheer your mood and relax.

10. Use the Web

Use the World Wide Web! Go to YouTube, watch funny videos, and watch motivational speeches, read the psychology behind having mini nervous breakdown and anxiety. Understand what science behind this is. And you may come to know the reason behind your mood swings and emptiness. Use Pinterest to find motivation and gratefulness quotes. It works! It works every time!

11. It’s Okay

Once in a while it is okay to feel low. It’s okay not to be happy for some time. We are humans and we go through all kinds of emotions. Know that no matter what, everything is going to be just fine. Not all days in life are same. Stars don’t shine without darkness and after darkness, always comes light! So know that, when you are having a bad day, good days are around.

  So, all you beautiful people out there! Go ahead, seek what works for you from these 10 ways to beat the Blues. If you know any other ways, please comment below and let me know. Also, Watch these if you are having a bad day, It might help you: 


Please share this post with someone you love and care about,  because sharing is caring!! Keep smiling and have a great day!!

With Lots of Love,
Chitra Takle.

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