Saturday, 30 January 2016

“Yes, my accent is real” book experience!

It was 2013 when I started watching ‘Big Bang Theory’ and I became huge fan of the series and fell in love with each and every character from the series (and to be precise ‘sitcom’). I have been following everyone from the cast and fan pages on social media and not missing any news regarding this sitcom. 

In September 2015, Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj Koothrappali in the series launched his book named ‘Yes, my accent is real’. I had too many unread books in my cupboard so I thought “alright this one can wait!” and I then I almost forget about it.

Two months later, when I visited London, I saw this book for sale at TESCO and without wasting a second I gifted it to myself! Lol! I remember even the security at Heathrow airport asked me while he was checking my backpack “So who is Kunal Nayyar?” and I brief him about the book :D 

Well I must say, I had great time reading this book (book review has been linked down below) and today I am going to share what I loved about this awesome book. (Because main motive of this blog is to share my learnings, thoughts, experiences and information.)

So, Let’s get started!

Things I loved about this book:

  • The thoughts recorded on an aeroplane cocktail napkin.

  •  Funny meanings and explanations of the starred terms at the bottom of the page.
  •   Dictionary meanings of the Indian Festivals with what they mean in Kunal’s opinion. (they are so relatable and funny.)

Things I learned from this book: 

  •  Trust your struggles. 
  •   Everyone comes in our life with a purpose (or to teach us something). It’s okay for people to come and leave our lives.

  •   You may find the purpose of your life at any age; it’s never too late to follow your calling.

  •   Love what you do!

  • Find reasons for your failures and they won’t be counted as failures, ever!

  •  Share things that you know with the world. (as suggested by Kunal)

  •   Anything is possible.

I am much into Self-help books and have never tried reading biographies or memoir. (This book isn’t a biography it is collection of stories from Kunal’s life, as he has mentioned in the book) But after reading this one, I think I am going to start reading books about people’s life because there’s so much learning and inspiration that has been offered from them.

Reading this book was like watching a new series that I never wanted to end. I fell in love with Kunal Nayyar even more! And I want him to write more books!


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