Saturday, 26 December 2015

Make a Vision Board!

Hi there!!

I hope everyone is doing great and even if you are not doing great… well let’s just get geared up for making things awesome in our lives, because only you are responsible for your happiness! (That’s a Tumblr quote, but so TRUE!!!).

When the word “”HAPPINESS” comes to my mind, I think of things I want to achieve in my whole life, in a month, in a day and so on… It’s basically how I want things to be felt in my heart. For example, If “I want to feel overwhelmed by beauty of nature, I want to feel mesmerised by the beautiful scenery” I make sure I plan out a trip to such place and make it happen, So that I feel happy not just inside my mind but in my whole body!

Well for other cases, it could be money, family, travel or love or just anything! And to achieve this… you need to have a “Vision” (Feels like I am putting a deep thought here) but it’s really not that complicated.

When you have certain things on your mind or on you Bucket list, You have to make sure those things are always in front of you, reminding you “I need to do THIS!!” Putting things to be achieved in front of your eyes so that you can see it daily comes from the Law of Attraction.

Vision Boards are one of those amazing things that make it happen. Have you ever made a vision board?? It’s Fun!!! It feels amazing after it is made. Well I made one recently since the New Year is approaching! Your vision board could be what you want to achieve in a year or in five years or even throughout your life! You will find hundreds of Guidance pages on the internet or on YouTube!! So you just have to find out which one of the techniques works for you. 

Most of the Successful people make vision boards or have their own style of making a vision board. 

I am going to Link few of the videos (videos because it’s fun to watch than to read) down below:  

Alex Ikonn:
Mary Elizabeth:
Mimi Ikonn:
Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii :
  • ·         Visit her website to know about her: Well…  just Google her name and you’ll know how huge she is!

Much Love,
Chitra Takle :)

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