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Favourites of the Month: January 2016

Hi there!

This is my first post in 2016! I wish you a very Happy New Year! I hope you are already rocking your 2016! Have you made any Resolution for this year? Do you have any Goals and Visions for the new year?? Do you want to make sure you accomplish those goals?? You can refer to my previous blog 'Plan your year!!' which on the right side of this page,  also you can bring your dreams and goals into reality by making a vision board. To know how to make a vision board click Here.

I have decided to post my monthly favorites now on. Monthly favorites will be those small things I get to know throughout the month and I love to share with all of my friends!! There will be Favorite food, music, books, videos, songs, quotes, websites and even people! Hope you enjoy and get benefited. :)
So lets get started!



 It is always recommended to have seasonal fruits and vegetables... And that is very true because they grow and taste at the best in their respective seasons. Just take a walk in any food market in Mumbai (or wherever you live in the world!)  and you will find most of the vendors selling pomegranates!! Yes! Pomegranates are so in season right now. You get the best quality and at best price when you go to buy the fruits and vegetable that are in season. So, it’s highly recommended!

To know the health benefits of pomegranate, visit:


                Another food item I love eating in winters is the Carrots! You get the best carrots in winters that are suitable for making Gaajar Halwa (link below) or to have carrot juice or just munch the carrots as snacks. Speaking of Carrot juice which is most beneficial for eyesight, we can add one more beautiful ingredient to it (haha, yes.. beautiful) and that is…. Beet root!! I am going to link the sites that will tell you the recipe and the benefits of carrot and beet root juice. Try once and give your body and taste buds a treat!

To know the health benefits of Carrot and Beetroot juice, visit: 

To know how to make Carrot and beetroot juice, visit: 

To know how to make Gaajar ka Halwa. visit:



Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of Birds

This Track is so soothing!! I feel like I am flying and watching all beautiful sceneries on the earth! It just takes me to another world. Try listening to it with your eyes closed while you are traveling back home from work and when you will open your eyes you will feel much relaxed! (P.S: Don’t miss your station. It’s a 7 minute track! ;) ) Or you can listen to it when you are doing yoga.

Listen to Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of Birds at: 


I am currently reading ‘The Sell’ by Fredrik Eklund. I heard about this book from one of my favourite YouTubers and I decided to buy it. Fredrik is a New York City real estate broker (and he is No. 1). Many people think it’s a marketing book and it is for those who are into selling things, but that’s not true. ‘The Sell’ is for everyone!! According to this handsome blue eyed real estate broker, we all are salesperson! We all are selling something every day! Sometimes we sell ourselves as employee; sometimes we sell ourselves as parents, as a consultant, as lovers, as ‘I am the one who you need’. The book cover says ‘The secrets of selling anything to anyone’! I haven’t done reading the complete book yet, but I will surely write a review when I am done!

To know more about Fredrik Eklund, visit

You can buy this book at: 


Headspace is a meditation App. This App has over 10 free sessions of guided meditation and if you want more, you can subscribe, pay and take more sessions. I bet you would want more, because it is an amazing 10 minute experience and you will feel refreshed! (Or you might just fall asleep in between and wake up feeling peaceful)  and…… also because the voice of the person who guides you through the meditation is heavenly! 
Haha!  It is the voice of a former Buddhist Monk Andy Puddicombe. I can write another 50 lines about this App but I will leave it to you to experience.

To know more about Andy, visit: 

To know more about the App,visit:  

And that’s it for this post! Have an amazing month!! Stay healthy, positive and beautiful as you already are! Don’t forget to share this with someone you love and care about, because sharing is caring!!

Much Love,

Chitra Takle :)

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