Thursday, 18 May 2017

How to get back peace of mind

I usually write about such things when I have gone through it too many times. Today I decided to jot down what works for me so that if you, my fellow human, are going through the same, can use it too. It is stupid to continue to suffer from a bad and sad mood or sulking over someone’s hurtful speech. Here are things I do, when someone/something is giving me a hard day and there’s nothing I can do about it. 

Cry it out
You will have to admit that we all have been through such situations, at least once. Being an emotional person, I have a hard time holding my tears back. No, that doesn’t mean I cry for everything. But yes, if someone/something hurts me that bad (of course emotionally), I prefer to cry it out because it makes me feel much lighter. Go ahead, nothing wrong with that.

Talk to someone I trust
This definitely works when you tell someone how terrible it felt. Here are some things that might happen:
  • You feel good when you finally share it with someone.
  • You realize that it’s okay, it happens, that’s life and you’re not alone to go through this.
  • Most of the time we get blinded by anger or sadness in such situations; this person may help you to look at the issue from a different dimension and give a solution.
  • Most of the times when you narrate the situation, you realize that it wasn’t that bad.
  • You end up understanding the feelings of the person who hurt you. Maybe that wasn’t the intention, maybe it wasn’t personal, maybe it was right, and maybe the person is immature. You might just find a reason to forgive the person or take a lesson from it and move ahead.

Use the lessons I have learned
If you are older enough, probably above 25, you will have most of the situations handled before. Remember how you handled it previously. If you handled it poorly, this time you can act smarter. If you have handled similar situation efficiently before, well you are a pro now. You know if you prefer to give a damn about it or not, wink!
If you haven’t handled situations of such heartbreaks or insults or awkwardness or anything that doesn’t make you feel good, you can always talk to someone experienced or someone elder. Learn how to deal and use it for your lifetime. That’s how we learn to be stronger J

Read my favorite books of all the time
It isn’t possible in all situations that, I would just go home and read the book. But there are few books which changed the way I look at moments of despair and melancholy. Those books are ‘Mastery of Love’ and ‘The four agreements’. I recommend these books repeatedly on my blog and to everyone who needs it. Everyone must read these books at least once in life. It changed the way I look at problems, people, relationships and most importantly Myself.

As I told you, not all things I am listing here are instant solutions or can be done instantly everywhere, but this is something that had to be on the list. After having a rough day, I make sure to recover. You must have heard or experienced that when we are down emotionally, it affects our body too. To recover physically and mentally Yoga works the best for me. It helps me to uplift my mood, clear the brain fog and definitely makes me feel emotionally and physically stronger.

Listen to music
I am not going to write much about this, every one of you knows what right kind of music can do to your mood. When I listen to music, my brain just shuts down everything and only follows the beats, so I get the much-needed break from overthinking a situation. Yeah, so go ahead listen to some good music.

Do you think you are in a bad situation than anyone in the world? Yes, sometimes we feel so, but know that it could have been worse. There are many people in the world who are less fortunate and you might just want to thank, that you are in much better place. Writing down things I am grateful for always makes me feel better. Be grateful for little things and things you get easily and probably are less appreciated. I have written more about gratitude HERE.

Make lemonade
Na-ah! I am not talking about a making a lemonade to drink. I am talking about converting your energy into something constructive. All the energy you put into crying or hating someone can be used to create something. You may want to write about it, go for a run, workout in the gym, paint, clean your house, write a poem, or you might just create a masterpiece, who knows? Somebody said it rightly when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Look, I had a situation and I made a blog post about it. LOL!

Look in the mirror and Smile!
Go try it right now and experience that shift in your mood.

Want more help, you might like to read BEAT THOSE BLUES.
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Much love,
Chitra Takle

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