Sunday, 26 March 2017

Genting Highlands, Malaysia!

After we spent three amazing days in Singapore, it was time for Malaysia. We proceeded to Malaysia by bus from Singapore. It takes approximately 1 and a half to reach Johor which is in Malaysia. Before reaching Johor, we have to get down at the boarder of two countries, for the immigration, security check and board the bus back again.

 Our first stop in Malaysia was Genting Highlands. It takes another 4 and a half hour to reach Genting highlands from Johor. We had to drop our bus and take Asia's longest and fastest Cable car to Genting Highlands. It was quite an experience though! On your way to Genting highlands by Cable car, you will see thick forest below your feet. It is fun to watch those lush green Malayan forests, see a variety of tall trees and monkeys jumping over, from one tree to another! 

As we were travelling further and at higher altitude, everything below and around us started covering up with fog! There was a point where we could not even see where we are headed or where we came from. Any of the cable cars those were ahead or behind us were not visible. And this continued till we reached the cable car station. Cable cars do not come to a complete halt, neither while you board nor when you get off. They only slow down and you will have to get down in that time. So you have to be a little extra careful, in case you have children or senior citizens with you (plus your luggage). There are attendants to help you to get down however, but I had to tell you, so that you’ll be ready.

The cable car doors are not much wide, neither there is a lot of room for your huge bags to fit in, so you might want to pack a separate and smaller bag, wherein you pack a couple of clothes (warm clothes preferably)and your valuables only.(depends how many days you are going to stay at the hotel). So, does that mean, you have to travel in Malaysia with such a small luggage? No! You can keep your entire heavy luggage in the lockers that are provided at the parking lot at the bottom of Genting highland, (just before you get into the cable car), and it is safe! There’s a reason why you should not carry huge bags to Genting Highland, which I will explain to you very soon!

We stayed at the 'First World Hotel'.  It was fun to stay at that hotel because; it has 7351 rooms, which means the hotel rooms are very compact. Bathrooms are not spacious too! There’s reason why the architect had to design the rooms this way! It was originally only casino. 

For your Information, Malaysians love gambling! And this man Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, built a casino and with time, his casino became famous. Soon, there were many people visiting this famous casino from far lands. So, he expanded the casino to a hotel. His major earnings were made from casino and wanted people to spend more time in the casino and not in their rooms. Rooms are only for resting, and that’s the reason the rooms are small in dimension and large in number. There is barely any space for bulky luggage. However, there are Delux and Super Delux rooms available if you need spacious ones. To read and know more about the ‘First world hotel’ and its history; I have put some links below:

Even if you don’t want to gamble, you must visit the casino! The guard at the entrance may ask for your passport. If you are Muslim, you are not allowed to Gamble or even enter. (As told by my local guide) if you are underage, you are not allowed. (You should be 21). So, don’t forget to keep your passport with you. J I did go inside and saw how people can gamble in different ways, and I am sure, you must have seen all types of gambling in the movies.

Apart from Casino there are many Game zones, shops, Live performances in the Restaurants, Starbucks, rides, Snow World and Ripley's Believe it or not and yes an indoor theme park! What is the fun part about staying here you ask? And what did I enjoy the most? Getting lost in this HUGE hotel! But don’t worry! The direction boards will guide you!

I don’t have much photographs from Genting Highlands, however I have some clips taken, so I am putting the video here.
P.S: I have edited a video for the first time and I have put together all the clips I had, long story short, I am not a Pro. (In case you are good video editor, please forgive me).

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching! Please share with someone you care. Because sharing is Caring!

Much love,

Chitra Takle XOXO

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