Saturday, 13 February 2016

Monday Blues!

OOOHHHKKK!! We all have been there, went through and dealt with it the hard way!! Do you feel that pressure, that anxiety, that unnecessary sadness on Sunday evening?? Oh my God! That’s what we are talking about!! The “MONDAY BLUES”!!

So let me help you through it!! This is how I think Monday Blues can be made Monday Marigolds!!
Let’s get started!! 

Plan It Out!

None of the fears and bad feelings can be fought back without being prepared for it! So, sit down on Saturday afternoon and plan/ list out important tasks you need to complete on Monday! This will not only mentally prepare you for that sudden change in workload but will also make your Mondays more productive!

            Keep it Light.

Try to keep your Sundays light. Yes we have crazy plans with our friends and family but plan your weekend such that, a particular activity will be over by Sunday morning or afternoon (May it be dinner/lunch, meet ups or sleepovers.) For example, if you are going out of town for weekend, leave for that destination on Friday night and start your Saturday at your destination directly! Starting to travel on Saturday will eat half of your weekend already!

At least Most tiresome (and boring) tasks should not be planned for Sunday evening. 
            You can also keep your Mondays light if it is possible!! ;D

  You can be prepared for following things:

  •   Clothes
We always go crazy over ‘What do I wear today??’ So ,if you want to avoid that stress, be prepared with your clothes for whole week. Decide what to wear on each working day and keep them ready to wear!

This will save you from panicking on Monday morning and will save your time if you are running late.

  •   Office work
You can also prepare yourself for that Meeting you have to attend on Monday. (In other words, prepare for some office work)

  •   Food
Decide what you will have for your breakfast! It’s annoying to find the cereal jar empty in the morning and freaking out over ‘I have nothing to eat!’  (you may want to plan what you want to have for breakfast and lunch throughout the week.) 
  •   Office bag

You can help yourself by keeping your office bag ready a night before! (Or keep your shoes polished and socks (and handkerchiefs) at the right place) 

      Start your Monday a Little Early
      Start warming up by starting to work a little bit on Sunday itself! This will help you to easily start first day  of your week! Keep the ideas ready and on work day, just execute them when you go to work. 

     Use New Things On Monday!
     Have a pair of new shoes? New clothes? New bag? Please keep it for Monday! If you don’t feel like going to work, you can start using something new on Monday. This will keep you excited to go to work!
     P.S: You should take extra efforts to look good on Mondays. wink!

     Love What You Do!
     Why do we have to feel sad or pressurized to go to work?? We work because we ask for it in the first place. Many people are unemployed and are having hard time paying their bills. We should be thankful that we have a job to do that pays us, that enables us to meet new people, face new challenges, let’s us do the things we love, even protects our families and make us a better person!
      Imagine yourself jobless, work less, aim less… Yes we all love to be in our comfort zones (Don’t want to see our bosses, don’t want to handle our clients, Don’t want to sit in the lectures.. ) it’s exhausting to show the best sides of you and perform good, but we appreciate the good because there is something bad, there is always light after darkness. If all days were same like Sundays, Sundays won’t be special anymore! So love your work days and rock your weekends!
      Wish you a happy Monday!! Go run the world!!

     Much love,
     Chitra Takle! :D:D


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