Tuesday, 1 November 2016

How to Get Things Done!

Hello People! I wish you a very Happy Diwali and Halloween! Hope you are doing well!! I have been longing to post something on my blog, but I just couldn’t because I have been giving all the reasons to myself. Everything right from I am too tired to it’s too late, to I am not in a mood to “don’t be so harsh on yourself”. yes, I am tired even right now, it is very late, and yes I wasn’t in the mood to write anything. But today, at midnight I am finally posting this. And How did I get myself to do it, you ask?? Well, let me break it down for you, here we go!

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1. Decide your priorities
Think of reasons why it is important to get it done. If it is on your mind for longer time and you know you need to get it done, then give yourself stronger reasons to make it happen. Ask yourself why I need to get it done?? Don’t be afraid to create stupid reasons. (I also suggest scaring yourself with thoughts like, I might ruin my career or my life, I might ruin someone else’s life, I won’t forgive myself for not even accomplishing this, such a shame!) Like, literally depends on what do you need to get done.

2. Write things down or make a to-do list
This one totally works for me, literally every damn time! Make a TO –DO list and have it in front of your eyes, probably where you spend lot of your time looking at. You might want to put it on the fridge, on the Television, in the bathroom or on your work desk, on your mobile screen, you can set it as your mobile wallpaper, or put a sticky note on your laptop screen. You can put it almost everywhere, and watch it get done!! (LOL! Just kidding :-P)

3. Say it out loud or declare it on your social media.
In my experience it works! All of us are very much concerned about our image on social media or around the people we live. So if you want to get it done so badly, Go ahead and announce it to the world! This method helps especially, when you are trying to keep your new year resolution.

4. List down the benefits of getting up right now and get things done!
Yup! Take a pen and paper, and start writing about things you are going to accomplish by doing it, if you get it done right away, what are going to be the advantages. May be it will make you feel more organized tomorrow, it will avoid that last minute hurry, may be it will help you to impress someone, may be it will save money, may be it will avoid regrets! So list them down and get up, to do that task RIGHT NOW!

5. Reward yourself.
Who doesn’t like that one haan?? If you have declared it to people around you, of course people are going to appreciate your will power, that’s quite like a pat on your back, isn’t it? If you know how it is going to benefit you, you are going to feel good about yourself. If you have saved some money out of it, you can go ahead and treat yourself. The outcome is definitely going to be your reward, but you can always go ahead and pamper yourself for getting that thing done. 

6.  Have a role model in your mind.
If you have a role model, no wonder why they are so famous or successful or rich or most probably all of it! Of course they got their stuff done on right time by hook or by crook. And that is why they are role model to you and to others. They didn’t let their laziness come in between, they didn’t let people come in between, they just didn’t give reason for not doing whatever is necessary to be perfect in their field. So have your role model in your mind and get that Shit done!

So, that’s it for this post. If there’s anything you have been thinking of doing since many days, go get up right now! If you like this post don’t forget to press that G+ button and share it with someone you love and care, because Sharing is Caring!

Much love!
Chitra Takle XOXO

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