Saturday, 5 November 2016

Favorites of the month : October 2016

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all are doing well! I certainly am, because my favorite season is coming! and it has already started to show signs of winter. Also, my vacations are nearby (wink!) So, don't forget to follow me on my Instagram to see what i am going to see! link to my Instagram is on the upper side of this page, so make sure to check out! 

Okay! so without chattering much, let’s get into the favorites for the month of October!

Favorite song: Hymn for the weekend by Coldplay ft. Beyonce:
I usually start my favorites of the month with a song because of the fact that, I LOVE MUSIC, well, we all do, don't we? Even though the song is old now, somehow it is stuck in my mind. Also, I love the video, so make sure to check out! Obviously it has to be everyone's favorite when two talented artists have collaborated.

Favorite Quote

Many months back, i read a book called, 'The Four Agreements'. The book is all about four agreements that you need to make to yourself, and one of the agreements was, 'Never take anything Personally' the idea behind this agreement was, when people comment about you, when they insult you, when they hate you or say mean things about you, It is the reflection of their own life. That hate or jealousy is coming out of their own struggles and not because they have something against you.
And this quote is on similar lines! I would strongly recommend reading the above mentioned book called 'the four agreements' by Don Miguel Ruiz. 

Favorite article: how buying a camera changed me by Deepti Asthana
I love travelling and of course I love photography too, because camera helps to capture wonderful structures, landscapes, moments, colors and patterns. and then I can relive all those moments through photographs later. Just when I was thinking about putting some travel posts on my blog (I have no experience how to blog about travelling) I decided to first checkout blogs of travel photographers. and I bumped into Deepti Asthana's blog And I fell in love with this post. It talks about her journey from being an amateur photographer to being a  famous travel photographer and pursuing that as her career and living her dream life. What I love the most about the article is that, she talks more about the emotional walls that she passed through and quite frankly many of us including me can relate to that post. I had to share her inspiring story with you all! Click HERE to see Deepti Asthana’s post.

Favorite Mobile Application: Patternator 
Patternator is a fun App to create Patterns of your favorite things. It has a large number of inbuilt images to create patterns. I have put few images down here. You can manage the background color, Decide the spacing and angle between two stamps, you can place them all in one direction or put it upside down and many more variations can be done to generate your favorite pattern. These patterns can be used as mobile wall papers, can be printed on mobile case or on a t shirt. you can also crop out your favorite shape and generate the pattern. And!! the App is free! So it had to make into my monthly favorites!


Favorite Routine: Five Minute Journal
I cannot believe I haven't Shared this yet! I have been practicing Five Minute Journal since 2 years and i love it!! It is not that I have done it each and everyday in last 2 years but yes! i feel the need to go back and start writing it because it helps you to stay focused and keep that positivity flowing effortlessly. Actually there's lot you can achieve on mental level through this journal and i have recommended it to almost everyone! Check out this link to know what it is exactly. Apart from that I am planning to post my experience about the journal very soon. 

So, I guess that’s it for this post! If you guys find out this post useful, make sure to press that G+ button! Hope you have wonderful month ahead. Share this with someone you love and care, because sharing is caring!!

Much Love,
Chitra Takle  XOXO 

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