Thursday, 15 September 2016

Favourites of the Month September 2016

Hola Amigos! It’s been months I have posted monthly favourites, so I decided to post some for you so that you can try them too!!

Favourite Book: The Bingo Theory by Mimi Ikonn

It’s been 3 years I follow Mimi Ikonn on her social media and she’s been such an inspiration throughout! I have always looked up to her and I was very excited since I knew she is writing a book. Finally, she made her book available worldwide and I bought it without giving a second thought. Obviously, the book is awesome and had to make into my monthly favourites. I am going to write a book reading experience in my next post for sure, because the book has helped me a lot to know about myself. And so, it will help you, definitely!

Read what the book is all about HERE. Mimi’s YouTube channel and link for buying the book are listed below. If you read the book don’t forget to comment on this post and let me know what you think about the book! 

Mimi’s Youtube Channel:

Buy the book here.

Favourite Song

I have always put songs from international albums in my monthly favourites, but this time I couldn’t help! This song is stuck in my mind! If you aren’t Indian you will definitely enjoy the beat! 
You can listen Laung Gawacha ft. Avneet Khurmi HERE
I even love their album cover!! So, colourful, edgy and quirky!

Monsoon Essentials: CROCS

Since it is Monsoon here, in India, one of my favourites is a monsoon essential: a footwear! And without a doubt, CROCS it is! I have been using same pair since 5 years! Yes!! Literally F I V E years! These ones are comfortable, durable, affordable and never going out of style! Also, I have received many compliments. There are many varieties available at CROCS, Mine are shown below.

You can buy the similar ones HERE

Favourite Quote:

Quotes on Instagram and Pinterest are source of my inspiration and motivation (Literally!). Quotes help me to start off my day right and set the tone for the day!  I literally have a wall of quotes in my room, So yes! Here is my favourite quote for this month! When I read this quote, it reminds me that we should not hold ourselves back from doing what we want to do with our life and we should always take chances!

Favourite Video Tutorial for Painting:

Last month I wrote book reading experience for BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Big Magic has inspired me to live a creative life (in short, to always create, or to live your life as a creator). You can read the book review HERE. It was quite a while I painted and I love painting!! But I stopped painting because I was waiting for an idea to paint. Months have passed by and THE IDEA never hit me. But after reading the book, I realized that I am doing it the wrong way, I was too afraid to paint something and ruin the canvas and that was the biggest mistake! So, I went ahead and searched for some tutorials to get started. I came across this useful tutorial on YouTube. It is very easy yet effective painting for those who want to start painting. So, watch and enjoy!!

How to Paint a Moon & Star filled Sky by Amy Pearse:

That’s it for this month Guys!! Hope you have wonderful month ahead, share this with someone you love and care, because sharing is caring!!

Much Love,
Chitra XOXO 

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