Sunday, 2 April 2017

Favorites of the month March 2017

Damn! This year is passing too fast! We’ve hit the fourth month of the year already! I guess everyone in the northern hemisphere of the world is celebrating the arrival of spring and here we are in INDIA (and our neighbours) are being roasted in the sun and will continue for next two good months! With that, wish you a Happy Spring to everyone on the upper side, and all the best to take the harsh sun, on the southern side! With those lovely wishes to the entire world, let’s get started with my favourites of the month!

Favourite App – Tide

I recently heard of Pomodoro technique and I was impressed by the amount of work I get done with it! It happens to be one of the effective techniques to improve one's productivity. It consists of 25 minutes of continuous and focused work followed by 5 minutes break. To work in Pomodoro, you need an alarm clock or stopwatch. Yes, of course, you can use an alarm clock on your phone, but you have to set it to 25 minutes every time with 5 minutes break alarm. That takes half minute itself. (More about Pomodoro HERE). Tide allows you to set Pomodoro easily with a five-minute break. It also has peaceful background music. You can change the period of Pomodoro and breaks in the settings. Whenever I start working, I open Tide, press start and I am all set to get some real shit done! 
You can download Tide HERE

Favourite book- The Four Agreements

I have read this book once, and currently, I am reading it again. I think self-help or self-improvement books are something you should read periodically. With no doubt, The Four Agreements is one of them. These are the agreements one needs to make with themselves for a better life. Those agreements are:

Be Impeccable with your word

Don't take anything personally

Don't make assumptions

Always do your best

The best way to stick to these agreements is by knowing 'Why'. The Four Agreements gives an explanation of 'Why'. I am not going to reveal or spoil much by going into detail. But yes, definitely it helped me to become an understanding person. (and thereby much peaceful and happy human)

Favourite YouTube Channel – Marie TV

We get Many suggested videos on YouTube. Marie Forleo's YouTube channel was one of them. The reason that made me click on Marie TV among many suggested channels was the titles of the videos. If you are someone who is continuously looking forward to improving yourself, you will click on these videos too. I love the way she talks, presents herself and the way she understands people's problems. She never fails to look at the problem from all possible dimensions while providing a solution. Her solutions to a particular person's problem touch our lives somewhere for sure. So, this month, I am addicted to Marie TV surely!

Favourite drink to beat the heat 

I always heard about the flavoured water but found it pointless. I never liked the idea of putting fruit slices in my water. I'd rather eat fruits than putting them in my drinking water. But you know what? You can always put something that you don't like to eat. As we are approaching scorching summer in India, my mum suggested putting some Cumin seeds (jeera) and Basil seeds (sabja) in my water bottle. The Cumin seeds taste amazingly refreshing! Plus it takes away the body heat. (Another suggestion from my mum is to put Coriander seeds (dhania), but I haven't tried it yet.)

That’s it for this month Guys!! Hope you have a wonderful month ahead. If you find it useful, share with someone you love and care because Sharing is Caring!!

Much Love,
Chitra Takle 

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