Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Favorites of the month November 2016

Hello Readers! Wish you a Happy December! It's time for the favorites of the month, yey! I had decided to post my monthly favorites since January 2016. Monthly favorites are those small things I get to know throughout the month and I love to share with all my friends!! There are Favorite food, music, books, videos, songs, quotes, websites and even people! Hope you enjoy and get benefited. :)
So lets get started!

Favorite video :Monday morning motivation

Yes! many of us hate going to work on a Monday, so it's time to stop complaining and being thankful to have a job that feeds you! Make sure to check out the video and change your thinking and thereby your life on every Monday morning. 

Favorite plants: Succulents

I saw succulents on the internet and I fell in love with them. I saw them in videos on YouTube, in photographs on Instagram and I saw them in different shapes, forms and colors! they are so impressive! I had to get one for myself! When I actually found them at HyperCity, I got three for myself ;) And they don't even need much of the space and water to grow, you can plant them in a very small pot and water it once in 2-3 days! plus they are excellent pieces for home decor. Look how cute the are! aren't they?

Favorite Clothing: Dress from Chowrangee bazaar

You probably have not heard about the brand because it has been recently launched on a small scale, I found out about them through a fashion blogger I follow on Instagram. I loved many dresses, but I ordered one for the start. You can checkout their Instagram page HERE. If you like one, you can inquire about the dresses through DM. You can also give them your measurements and they will send you a customized size dress.

Favorite Quote: You become what you believe.

 Of course, to achieve anything the first thing you need to do is to believe that you can! If you don't, then it is going to be a rough road for you, a rough road which you made for yourself! So, Believe that you can and you shall achieve it. Also we can look at this quote in other way, be careful what you believe, if you think you are not worth something, if you are not capable of doing something, you will become worthless, you will become incapable, if you think you are bad (even if you really are not), you will become bad (that's an example). 

Favorite Accessory: Aeroplane earrings

I bought these on a small stall in Bangkok, and Man! I loved them so much! They looked cute in the basket, and looked even cuter when I wore them. They grab attention and are conversation starters! They do not have a particular brand, but you can find similar ones HERE.

So that's it for this month! May you have a happening and rocking December! Wish you a very happy holiday time and Merry Christmas! If you like this post make sure to press that G+ button! Share this post  with someone you love and care about, because Sharing is Caring!

Much Love!
Chitra Takle. 

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